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> Drugs, Alcohol, and Mental Health Concerns

Practicing law in the modern age can include overwork and large amounts of mental stress, which may in turn lead to a propensity toward depression, substance abuse or consequential risk-taking. Lawyers must deal with the demands of clients, judges, other lawyers, and of the law itself. This reality can have adverse effects on one’s health and relationships.

You are encouraged to reach out for help, to start your recovery or to become more self-aware of the challenges that can adversely affect your personal and professional life. A good place to start to look for answers and options is

Florida Lawyers Assistance, Inc. (FLA, Inc.) is a program initiated in response to the Florida Supreme Court’s desire to create a program to identify and help Florida Bar members whose lives and careers are adversely affected by addiction, compulsive behaviors or psychological problems that need to be addressed in the best interests of the person and the public.  The focus of Florida Lawyers Assistance Program is on protecting the lawyer’s life, career, and clients.

If any Florida lawyer is suffering from any personal issues such as these, he or she is encouraged to contact FLA, Inc. directly by calling 1-800-282-8981, or by email to, or through their website at

END NOTE: Please know that a lawyer's participation in FLA Inc. is voluntary and confidential.

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